Company Name:

Food Northwest


Portland, Oregon

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified

Job Category:

Executive/Senior Management



Position Type:

Full Time


November 19, 2018


Food Northwest, with the support of Association Options, is recruiting and evaluating candidates for the position of President.

About Food Northwest

Organized in 1914 and located in Portland Oregon, Food Northwest supports the needs of the Pacific Northwest food processing industry in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington in a variety of food processing segments: fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy, bakeries, specialty foods, juices, and more. Food Northwest’s membership includes national companies with operations or headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, regional companies, and locally run family businesses. Food Northwest is one of the nation’s largest food processing trade associations, with current membership of more than 150 processor companies and over 350 supplier members. 


To help members produce, protect, and deliver the food that people eat. 


To advance our success feeding the world, through advocacy, education & peer collaboration.  


To advance the future of wholesome, safe, and delicious food from the Northwest to the whole world.

Position Description

Food Northwest is eager to identify a dynamic association executive who is prepared to build upon the current successes of the Association. The successful candidate will serve as the President of Food Northwest, overseeing the operations and activities of the Association. Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, this position administers and implements Board policy and maintains an effective staff to assure attainment of the Association’s goals. Food Northwest’s goals are as follows: 

1.      Organizational Capacity – Creates robust organizational systems and finances, and fosters employee and volunteer leadership to enable the attainment of other goals.

2.      Advocacy – Impacts and positively influences Food Northwest public policy actions and positions in the Washington, Oregon and Idaho region, and enlists engaged food processors in those efforts.

3.      Member Engagement – Fosters an engaged community of members that value and utilize Food Northwest programs and services. 

4.      Professional Development and Business Success – Enhances members’ business and professional success through delivering exceptional advocacy, services, programs and tailored education, which are relevant to a dynamic industry environment. 

5.      Community Engagement – Has a visible and positive impact in the communities Food Northwest members serve. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

The successful candidate will be an experienced non-profit association executive, skilled talent manager with the ability to train, motivate and work with others, and be an effective, innovative and forwarding-thinking communicator and consensus builder. 

Within the limits of Food Northwest’s policies and bylaws, the President is responsible for, and has commensurate authority to accomplish, the following duties and responsibilities. The President may delegate portions of his/her responsibilities consistent with sound operations and staff competency, together with proportionate authority for their fulfillment. However, she/he may not delegate nor relinquish any portion of his/her accountability for results. 

Organizational Leadership

·         Provide oversight and guidance to all programs and staff 

·         Provide oversight of a 12-member staff team including monitoring staff performance and ensuring an adequate staffing plan

·         Provide for a competent staff with competitive compensation and oversight of their professional development

·         Formulate and recommend policies and programs, including financial and budgeting, for approval by the Board of Directors

·         See that the development of programs authorized by the Board of Directors are implemented in a timely manner and that they are effectively administered and controlled

·         Authorize, execute or delegate such contracts, agreements, and commitments as may be necessary to carry out the goals and objectives of the organization

·         Execute or delegate such other general responsibilities as may be directed by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee

Government Affairs/Advocacy

·         Develop and maintain effective regulatory and legislative program in the NW states and with the NW congressional delegation

·         Serve as the spokesperson for Food Northwest with legislators and government officials 

Financial Management

·         In conjunction with Staff and Association Committees, develop an annual budget

·         Ensure adherence to budget through monthly review of financial statements, forecasting and monitoring

·         Develop and maintain an appropriate budgetary procedure with the Finance Committee

·         Oversee the authorized and proper expenditures of funds and assure that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the Association are appropriately safeguarded and administered  

Board and Volunteer Engagement

·         Ensure that proper communication is established to keep the Food Northwest Board fully informed on the activities and operations of the Association, including proactive communication concerning progress towards achieving strategic goals and financial performance.

·         In conjunction with the Board Chair, develop agendas and materials for Board meetings and conference calls as needed

·         Provide for appropriate staff liaisons to committees and provide authority to staff members to enable them to properly perform their liaison functions; and provide Committee Chairs with the necessary support and assistance

·         Promote interest and active participation in Food Northwest activities among the membership, and supervise proper communication of activities of the Board and committees through the communication vehicles of the association


·         Manage relationships with state and national food and business associations

·         Represent the Association with industry – related groups and at industry related meetings

·         Build and maintain collaborative opportunities and relationships within the Food Northwest membership and the broader community

Public Relations

·         Oversee all inquiries from the media

·         Serve as the spokesperson for Food Northwest within the organization and throughout the community

·         Ensure the appropriate volunteer is designated to address media inquiries

·         Oversee the development of all press releases

President Profile 

The ideal candidate for this position will be a dedicated leader who is highly motivated to foster a cultural landscape that's conducive to staff and member success. She/he will bring a variety of experiences and attributes to the association including:

·         Ability to build and cultivate relationships and work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders

·         Excellent communication skills including the ability to articulate the value of Food Northwest to its members, stakeholders and the community; communicate directly and clearly with staff and volunteers; and active listening skills

·         Understanding of the importance of strategic planning and the ability to execute and implement an annual work plan to achieve the association’s goals and objectives.

·         Ability to build (recruit & retain), lead and motivate an effective team of staff, volunteers and leadership

·         Respectful, honest, transparent, and ethical leadership style 

·         Financial leadership and understanding of sound financial management practices

·         Respect for and ability to promote diversity on the Board, staff and with members

·         Progressive, innovative, thoughtful leadership


The President is committed to the Food Northwest mission and vision and should have proven leadership experience. Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications include: 


  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills and be a persuasive and passionate communicator

  • Must be comfortable speaking in front of professional groups

  • Must demonstrate the ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people

  • Must be able to think strategically and critically, synthesize complex issues and information and manage change

  • Minimum 5 years of management experience

  • Demonstrated ability to plan organization-wide activities (setting objectives, developing strategies, budgeting, developing policies and procedures and organizing the functions necessary to accomplish the activities)

  • Financial management, including budget preparation and implementation

  • A record growing organizations from a revenue and value perspective

  • Must demonstrate passion, idealism, integrity, and a positive attitude and be mission-driven and self-directed

  • In-depth knowledge of the management process as it relates to growth and long-term planning

  • Proven track record of working successfully with a Board of Directors or management committee

  • Experience managing a team of 10+

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher required

  • Must reside in, or be willing to relocate to, the Portland, Oregon area
  • Willingness to travel to state and national meetings as approved by the Board of Directors       


·         Food industry related experience and/or networks

·        An understanding of the unique, regulatory and professional standards of food manufacturing

·         Familiarity with or understanding of the Pacific Northwest

·         Has served as a CEO, Executive Director or Chief Staff Executive of a non-profit organization

·         Fundraising experience, including a successful track record in securing sponsorships and grants, and in building partnerships with sponsors and industry contacts

·         Legislative experience

·         Experience maintaining a presence with the public and elected officials

·         Experienced Association Executive

·         Advanced degree, ideally MBA, MPA or similar

·         Holds CAE (Certified Association Executive)


Please send one PDF application including cover letter, resume and salary requirements by December 18, 2018 to the search firm. If these items are not provided in their entirety by the deadline, your submission will not be considered.  In the cover letter, please provide brief details stating how you meet the qualifications listed and how you can positively contribute to Food Northwest now and into the future.

Association Options, Inc.

c/o Stacey Barnes

Company Name:

Food Northwest


Portland, Oregon

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified

Job Category:

Executive/Senior Management



Position Type:

Full Time


November 19, 2018

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